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From the 23rd of February until the 6th of March 2008 Extreme Sports Cafe, and Mekong River Boogie’s were collaborating with the Vietnamese authorities to create the first ever Skydiving Boogie in Nha Trang, Vietnam. The first week was a skydiving AFF camp, and coaching camp. The second week was a full on boogie, skydiving competition, film festival and cultural exchange opportunity..

Check out the official Skydive Vietnam web site for details...

Did you join us in Vietnam in 2008?

Boogie: 23rd Feb - 6th March ‘08

Skydiving in Pattaya Thailand
Skydiving in Parchuab Thailand

Happy 2010 Skydivers!

Extreme Sports Cafe are working on a new web site for Skydive Thailand for 2010. As you may know we are moving the Drop Zone location, and opening a new Drop Zone in Thailand.

UPDATE : Drop Zone is open and taking bookings...

Book a Tandem Skydive in Thailand.

In the meantime it is worth noting that the Thai Sky Festival Organizers are not running a Thai Sky Festival in ’10. No plans for a  2010 Extreme Sports Cafe, and Mekong River Boogie’s collaboration, but watch this space for future news...

Skydiving in Laos
Skydiving from a Hercules
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